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Larry and Fabiana Bond, of Bond Fire Restaurant Group in Myrtle Beach, own a fantastically fun restaurant called The Chemist – Craft Cocktails and Modern Cuisine. Located in the heart of historic downtown Myrtle Beach on 9th Avenue North a block from the ocean, the Bonds are delighted to present this exciting interpretation of fresh and local dishes.

Expect flavors and sensations that will give science buffs and food fans thoroughly entertaining experiences with plenty of delicious flavors.

The Chemist cocktail menu offers beakers, glasses and even mini copper pots full of elemental surprises. There’s a Thyme Machine best accompanied by a Flux Capacitor, Radioactive Coke that might make your systems blow, the Periodically Peach Martini and, straight from the forensic experts in Transylvania, the blood-red Viscostini.

Faculty members will enjoy unwinding with Professor’s Punch, and when the weather grows cool The Chemist’s Arctic research team is on standby to warm things up with their Labtini that involves nitro coffee and Amaretto foam.

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300 9th Ave. North
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


7 Days a Week
Noon - 10pm (or later)
Reservations Accepted

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